«Long way home» (English)

Based on the song Long way home, by 5 Seconds of Summer.

It was late at night; the sky was full of shining stars, and no clouds dared to hide that beautiful painting. Luke and Caroline were sitting in the middle of nowhere; in an isolated countryside surrounded by deep woods and a cliff that took their breath away. Behind the cliff, the ocean was wild and free, and that produced a sensation of nostalgia to the young couple. Every time they went to that place, the one that only they shared, they wondered if someday they could go through the limits and start over far away from their hometown; maybe in Tokyo or Nebraska.

Luke stared at Caroline for a while and admired the little things that made her so special: the curl of her black bangs, her deep and mysterious brown eyes, her wide nose, her brown skin, her Nirvana T-shirt, her short and strong fingers, her black nails, and the wrinkles that framed the curve of her full lips.

“What are you looking at?” asked Caroline, surprised.

Luke looked at the sky hastily to conceal his thoughts towards her and cleared his throat.

“I’m just thinking about anything in particular…”, answered him. Suddenly, some fire-flies caught his attention. They were like make-believe. “Do you remember all the memories?”

She blinked and giggled. Yes, she did remember.

“Do you mean all the times that we’ve kicked back in the old school yard? Our PE teacher, Mr. Murs, was always yelling at us.” She threw a stone down the cliff and sighed. “Oh and what about the songs we’ve sung on our guitars during many summers? Good memories, huh?”, she assured.

“This was, I mean, this is our reality,” emphasized Luke; “crazy and stupid.” He put an arm over Caroline’s shoulder and kissed her forehead. “You and me. We know this is the way it’s supposed to be.”

Caroline closed her eyes for a second and let herself melt with the handsome boy that gave the best hugs in the whole world. In fact, he seemed a giant teddy bear because of his wide back. Although he was tall and skinny like french-fries, he had the aspect of a football player: he had short, blond hair, pale skin, blue eyes which were as immense as the ocean, a straight nose, a bright smile, incipient beard and big and strong arms. Luke and Caroline were physically different, but they were like two pieces of the same jigsaw: they matched perfectly.

Caroline intertwined her fingers with Luke’s and looked at him directly into his blue eyes, which soothed her shivering shoulders. She loved the moments when they were alone with no distractions; however, she felt that the sky was coming towards her, unstoppable.

“We’re stuck in this place, Luke” she whispered, worried. “Yeah, you know we took out time to get here, but we’re hiding out in a dream.”

“We catch fire like kerosene” blurted out Luke, and frowned. “And you know I’d never let you down” added him with a softer voice. Then, he stood up and opened his arms as if he was facing the sky. “Until the sun comes up, we can own this town!” He grabbed Caroline and picked her up. His spontaneous mood made her roll her eyes. “Our night here is something like make-believe, don’t you think? We’re living in a movie scene.”

“Alright, we’re in The Hunger Games” mocked her. She looked at her watch and groaned. “I have to go home… My parents would kill me if they notice that I’m not sleeping in my bedroom.”

“And what would happen if they see me sleeping in your bed?” Luke raised an eyebrow and smiled cunningly. Then, Caroline nudged him in his stomach.

“You idiot…”

They kept a picnic blanket and ate the last two pieces of the delicious chocolate and vanilla cake. They got in Luke’s black MG, and he started the car.

Although it was June, the night was cold; thus, Caroline couldn’t open the window to feel the fresh air playing with her hair. Besides, Luke was driving too slowly. Suddenly, he took the wrong road.

“Luke, my house is on the other side” informed Caroline.

“I know” answered Luke, with a confident smile.

“Then, what are you doing?”

He put his hand on her lap carefully, but he didn’t avert his eyes from the road.

“We’re taking the long way home, because I don’t wanna be wasting my time alone” he admitted. “I wanna get lost and drive forever with you while we talk about nothing or whatever, baby.”

Luke winked at Caroline, then, she giggled; it was the best night of her life. She understood that no matter where she was going to live in the near future, or where were the limits in her life, she would be happy if and when Luke was by her side. He was her home. She wanted to have time with him, and explore with him, because she was totally interested in Luke, and vice versa.

They hit every red light so they could spend more time together, and they kissed at the stop signs. Meanwhile, Green Day was on the radio, so they felt relaxed and everything was alright. They went through a small road and, recklessly, turned off the headlights for an instant. They laughed and drove all around the town. The moment was just perfect and it seemed that it could never die. Luke and Caroline were taking it slow.

They took the long way home.


  1. Ooooh, I think I fell in love with this. Is...is...is just...There's no words to describe it. Just amazing like always. You are an amazing writer and I'm so happy to read you because you worth it. I'm sorry if my english is not perfect but I'm trying my best because... I want to.

    Keep going like this!

    Kisses and hugs ^-^

    1. Thank you so, so much for your kind words! Your comment really makes me want to keep on with my blog and with my short stories. I have to say that I'm not totally convinced with this one, but I'm not ashamed of posting it, either hahahah

      Thank you, again!

      P.S. Don't worry about your English, because it's very good! Mine has its flaws :P


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