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Konstanz (I prefer it over Constance) is the perfect city if you want to relax and take cool pictures. Due to its closeness to the lake with its name and Switzerland, Konstanz is one of the most visited cities around Germany. (Believe me, the supermarkets are full of Swiss people, Spaniards and Italians on the weekends.) Besides the fact that everything is expensive, people gather in June and go to the famous Flohmarkt (flea-market), or have fun in the tents of the Oktoberfest (it's in September, btw). Over the year, you can visit these five (well, six) beautiful places that will enchant you.



I've mentioned this statue several times, also in my Twitter, because it is the main attraction for tourists. It's awesome that the "symbol" of the city is a prostitute, but the story behind her is more incredible. I'm not going to explain it to you, though. But I'm going to say that the two characters that Imperia is holding are quite sarcastic. The statue is tall, and turns around slowly. At night it is illuminated, and is quite scary if there is fog. Imperia and the lake walk hand in hand. Tons of people swim next to the statue or hire pedalos, and kids want to feed the ducks. The landscape is simply stunning.

Houses next to Rheinbrücke

They remind me of the Painted Ladies. I just love the colours and the reflection in the water.

Old streets

I couldn't find a better picture ok don't judge me
Konstanz is full of alleys that are worth visiting. There are also some houses and museums whose facades are painted. This town maintains an antique essence that attracts you. A historic fact: Konstanz was the only German city which was not destroyed by the WWWII, because Switzerland was not involved in the war.


If you want to go for a walk, Seerhein is the perfect place, because in spring and summer you can see people jumping from the bridges or walking on a high wire. It divides the Old and the New part of the city.

The woods next to my student housing

One of the firsts days my friends and I went to the uni by walking instead of taking the bus, because our houses are really close to it. There were two paths, and we decided to go into the woods. From where we come there aren't such green and leafy trees, so they impressed us. We even posted loads of photos on Facebook, and Germans (and other Erasmus) said to us it was just a wood. BUT IT IS MORE THAN A WOOD OKAY LEAVE US ALONE WITH OUR FAIRY-TALE-LIKE WOOD.


Mainau is an island with animals, a greenhouse, and beautiful and colourful flowers. As my friends and I were meant to stay in Konstanz just one semester (the winter semester), we went to Mainau (or Maniau, as I called it) on a foggy and frozen day. Plus, it started to rain and there were few buses, so we couldn't stay as much as we wanted. But we did take pictures with some cows and horses, and we entered the butterflies' palace.
A little kid wanted to enter the goats' cage, but when her father opened the door, a wise little black goat escaped and ran away. ¡CORRE, CABRA, CORRE!

Konstanz is really beautiful, and I think is underestimated, because it is a "family-city" (excepting all the Erasmus). Anyways, maybe some of you want to come here on vacation. I do recommend it to you, but if you don't want to die frozen, just don't come in winter.



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