March 31 - DAY 5

Odd couple

Does a messy home (or office) make you anxious and cranky, or is cleaning something you just do before company comes over?

Even though my room seems messy, I put everything in an specific place. I'll get mad if someone moves my things and tries to tidy up my room. I  have too many notebooks and books, etc. so my bedroom seems chaotic, and whenever company comes over, I try to tidy up a little bit so that they don't feel uncomfortable. But mess makes me cranky.

So the post is too short so here you have a photo of my bedroom~ As you can see I'm obsessed over Canada (even though I've neven been there hi does anyone volunteer to take me there? no? oh...) and it's pretty funny to me that the sheets and the flag (and almost the walls) match so well. I'm kinda weird I know haha.


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