April 2 - DAY 7

Prized possession

Describe an item you were incredibly attached to as a child. What became of it?

As a child (I was seven or eight years old) I created a special emotional bond with my cuddly dog, Stitch. At that time I felt pretty alone and misunderstood and I didn't have any pets (except for a parakeet), so when my brother brought Stitch home, I felt that he was the missing piece I needed. I called him Stitch because I was in love with Lilo and Stitch (ofc) and I felt identified with Lilo. When Stitch came to her life, she changed and her life was full of colors, so I thought that I could be happier, too.

I slept with Stitch for many, many years, and whenever I was scared of thunderstorms he was there for me. I also called him "mi Compitrueno", because of the movie TED. I brought him to a friend's house and her dog bit him and tousled him (damn dog). He had surgery many times and his recovery lasted a year or so. He lost an eye and the nose but superglue fixed it.

Currently Stitch is still in my room and now he's friends with Chessur the Funko Pop :') Yeah, I know, I may sound childish, but hugging that cuddly dog helped overcome bad times. I can't just throw him away, because that would mean throw away part of me.


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