April 4 - DAY 9

The transporter

Tell us about a sensation — a taste, a smell, a piece of music — that transports you back to childhood.

I don't remember much of my childhood. It might seem weird but I just have general memories, for example, memories of me watching Inuyasha and Doraemon.

I was about to say that nothing reminds me of my childhood, buuuut I've just realized that there's a piece of music which I connect to a trip I did to Paris when I was seven years old. I went to Disneyland and the only attraction ride I remember about was "It's a Small World"; a ride around the globe where dolls dance and sing to a song. Here you have the video of the song:

If you've been there you'll know that this song repeats itself again, again and again along the tour. I was so in love with the ride — it was almost the only place I had access to, because I was not tall enough to go on other kinds of rides — that I convinced my family to have another ride. After an hour or so, "It's a small world" was stuck in my head. When I came back I even bought an alarm clock with this song to a friend of mine for her birthday :')

It's been years since I hadn't heard that song, but now thanks to this post "It's a small world" is stuck in my head again and it's giving me goosebumps because of how obsessed I was over it haha

Enjoy the song!


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