April 3 - DAY 8


Describe your ultimate escape plan (and tell us what you’re escaping from).

Today I wanted to escape from an oral presentation, the midterm of my degree dissertation. Oh, sweet irony...

The thing is, one day I'll pack all my things, including Stitch, my laptop and my notebooks, and I'll run away from here. I'd love to go to Canada and live under a bridge if necessary, but I'd probably stay at my auntie's in Seville or at my brother's in Bern. My pockets are empty, so "thinking big" wouldn't help me that much... I have to be realistic, but I don't like it, though.

I've been planing this for many, many years, when I realized that I didn't fit in anywhere. Don't misinterpret me; I love my family and the few true friends I have, but I don't think I belong in here. I feel different, misunderstood, and I want to explore the world and find the right place where I can be happy with myself. I did the Erasmus having this thought in mind, but things didn't turn out to be as "magical" as I expected. We'll talk about this in another post, if you like...

So I want to escape from my reality, my responsibilities, my fears, my insecurities and that part of me that doesn't let me be me. But I know that wherever I'll go my reality, my responsibilities, my fears, my insecurities and the other me will follow me, chase me, and that simple thought destroys me inside. I learnt this in the hard way, but I know now that, although I can dream about escaping (and in fact I do it when I'm writing, reading or watching TV shows or movies), I have to focus on the present.

Maybe this post doesn't have any meaning to you and you think that I could've written a more positive or funnier story, but the truth is that under different circumstances I wouldn't even try to write/say how I really feel with respect to escaping from something. So yeah, I'm pretty proud of myself, you know :)

Hope you've liked it!

Suri Helyer


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