April 6 - DAY 11

Third from the top

Head to your favorite blog. Scroll down to the third post in the list. Take the third sentence in the post, and work it into a new post of your own.

Since I don't have a favorite blog, I'll do a different thing today. I've skipped three song on Spotify; the result has been Larger Than Life by BackStreet Boys (haha) and the third sentence is "but let me tell you now". Let's see how this is going to end...

But let me tell you now

This post is dedicated to all those people reluctant to go to a vegan restaurant.

First, I am not vegan or vegetarian. I eat meat and fish, but not as much as three years ago. I was like you before: I thought that vegan people wanted everyone to stop eating animals, and judged me by not doing so. But then I met my vegetarian friends (luv u girls), who taught me that there are vegan/vegetarian (or not) people who don't give a **** about your diet. I started to listen to the reasons why they are vegetarian and to accept them the way they accepted that I ate (and eat) meat. And I started to control my diet a bit more, which is great for my health.

Yesterday I had dinner in the only vegan restaurant in my hometown. This restaurant received very bad reviews and feedback because of a controversy which I'm not going to explain, but many people spoke very good of this place. I loved it and I could be talking about this place for hours, but let me tell you now that vegan restaurants do not only serve salads, they have delicious vegan hamburgers! You, me, anyone shouldn't be so prejudiced, and before judging something, you should give it a try :)


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